Thursday, 10 September 2015

Writing post term3

Description:we had three taster of the three writing groups I chose words to spasificly descriptive ver witch is really really spasificly discribeing something.


Big idea: Wreck it ralph is a arcade game character.He wears a farmers cloke like thing and is strong as a gorilla.He wears a really really old red farmers cloke with a broken strap like thing and is a Villain but as well as good guy, in the arcade he is the biggest  and bulky like a bull and is awesomely awesome he is very dirty and dusty

Feed back: You did good because you put a lot of descriptive words in it. Brennan.

Feed forward: Next time you could make it longer so it is more interesting. Brennan.

Evaluation:I think I could of dicribe Ralph a bit more 

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Te reo post

Description for the last few weeks we have been learning Te reo while the others go to kappa Hakka we learnt the body parts through a song 
Big idea:make anything to teach a type of audience mine was adults.

Feed back: I like you're poster and how it is labeled
Feed forward: but I think you need more detail and more info 

Evaluation:I think I had a decent amount of body parts