Monday, 30 May 2016


Description For maths we got a tricky maths question to solve we had to record our learning in some way to post on our blog. So there where different  fractions and  we had to find out how much of every thing we needed
I made it into a video about how I figured it out
Hope you enjoy

Feed backi like how you told us the maths you were doing 
Feed forward be prepared for what you're going to say
Evaluation I think too that I should of been a bit more prepared for what I was about to do 

Maths test 2016

Disruption:We did a test at the start of last term to see what stage for maths we are but a few weeks ago we did another test of the stage that we where on at that time ani passed stage 5 the stage I was on and did the stage 6 test and didn't pass but know I now what I need to practice at home

I passed it with 96/100
So I did the stage six test
And didn't pass with 30/100

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Japanese with Kelly 2016

Description: kinechua On Thursdays the year sixes do Japanese with Kelly  while the year fives do something else so what do we learn at Japanese?well we have so far learnt to use chopsticks and to count to ten and to introduce myself on Wednesday the 29 of June we are going to I.P.U(International Pacific Collage)

Feed back I like how you showed you're slide
feed forward maybe discribe what you did a little more in you're dicription
Angus m
Evaluation yes I think to that I should of dicribed It a bit more but the learning is actually in the slides


May 18 

This is what we did for our maths workshop 

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


May 17 

Today for maths I did maths from the nzcm book 


May 17 

For spell ing I had to macke a way to remember how to sell 5 words


May 17 

For handwriting i wrote a poem from the wed on to my think book 


May 17

For writing I made a sentence with a metaphor 

Witch was snow is a white blanket 


May 16

We are doing fractions we are mackeing scrogen we had to figured out how much of each ingreadeants we need to put in 

This is how we figured it out