Thursday, 30 June 2016

Sport start portfolio sample term 2 2016

You may be thinking what  is sport start? Well sport start is like a where we gain skills for sports like cri hand-eye coordination accuracy and sportsmanship that you should use in all games that play. One of our goals where batting so we played game that helped us get better of learn how to bat if you don't know how to bat. We also made a video about an activity called gate ways witch I will explain in the 
Feed back feed forward I like the vid and how you explained how to play no feed forward

Evaluation I think when I was tell how to play and what you need I Should of been a bit more prepared for what I was going to say

Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Description seed2tabel is a thing that you do that can inspire you to do some cooking at home.
My first seed2tabel of the term. We got put into groups 1,2,3&4 I'm in four. Four and three did the cooking first we made Focaccia and Pumpkin Soup while group one and two did some science with Elly. After brunch A.K.A morning tea. we swapped so that group 3&4 are with Elly and group 1&2 are cooking.

Feedback I like how you have all your phots 
Feed forwardI doned think you need to do eneything 
Jack w
Evaluation I think that I could of done my photo on my slide from the same angle because I took some form different angle.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Te reo portfolio sample 2016 term 2

Description: every monday when the kapa haka kids go to kapa haka us kids that dont do kapa haka do te reo. we learn moāri songs and other stuf like fruit in moāri. for the last few weeks we have been making somthing for little kids to learn the fruit in moāri by learnig the song aeotearoa.

Feedforward/Feedback: I think that you did good explaining what you are doing . Next time you could 
explain a little more about what you are learning.
evaltation: I think that I should explane my task that I was doing a littel bit better

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Cross country goals 2016

The teachers set us a task to make a goal for cross country this is my goal 

My goal is to Not come in the last ten
Because I am one of those kid how don't like   to run that much